Sunday, June 10, 2007

I will be posting some videos of me and my clanmates playing Call of Duty and Counter-Strike 1.6. It'll be total pwnage, so make sure to check my blog out sometime in the next two weeks. I will also start to review some games that I've played, nothing much, just some small reviews on if I liked the game or not and why I liked it, and people can respond with their opinion on the games that I'm reviewing. I will also start a new Linux Gaming blog explaining how I got, or didn't get certain games to work on Linux.


Vitaliy, AKA Element

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Call of Duty RCON

Hi, I'm Element and I play Call of Duty 1 or (vCoD). I will explain how to use some RCON commands for vCoD servers. These will help you if you are a newbie with game servers, or just got one to play around with your friends, but even if you got it just for that, you will need to know RCON to control your server. RCON is a remote console for your gameserver. You can use it to switch maps, gametypes, kick or ban troublemakers, and other various things.

How to get RCON access from inside your gameserver

Enter the admin rcon password

ex. /rconpassword password

Common rcon commands

/rcon say
Sends a message to all players on the server

ex. /rcon say hi

/rcon g_password
Set the server password which the players need to set to be able to join the server

ex. /rcon g_password scrim2

/rcon map
This changes the map on the server to mapname, ex. /rcon map mp_carentan

Stock map names:
mp_brecourt, mp_carentan, mp_chateau, mp_dawnville, mp_depot, mp_harbor, mp_hurtgen, mp_pavlov, mp_powcamp, mp_railyard, mp_rocket, mp_ship

/rcon map_restart
Restarts the current map.

/rcon status
Show status of players on the server

/rcon kick
Kick the player with name .

/rcon clientkick slot <#>
Kick the player with slot id
(pick a number from the rcon status and replace number. You can find out the slot id by typing /rcon status and matching the name to the slot number.)

/rcon banuser
Bans player by name

/rcon banuser troublemaker

Other useful rcon commands

/rcon g_gametype
Where gametype is bel = behind enemy lines, dm = death match, tdm = team deathmatch, sd = search and destroy and re = rescue.

/rcon scr_friendlyfire <#>
replace # with, 0 = friendlyfire off, 1=friendly fire on, 2=reflect damage

Behind enemy lines commands

/rcon scr_bel_timelimit
Set the map timelimit in minutes

/rcon scr_bel_scorelimit
Set the map score limit

Deathmatch commands

/rcon scr_dm_timelimit
Set the map timelimit in minutes

/rcon scr_dm_scorelimit
Set the map score limit

Retrevial commands

/rcon scr_re_timelimit
Set the map timelimit in minutes

/rcon scr_re_scorelimit
Set the map score limit

Search and destroy commands

/rcon scr_sd_timelimit
Set the map timelimit in minutes

/rcon scr_sd_scorelimit
Set the map score limit

Thank you for reading this tutorial and I hope it helps some of the people that just got a game server and want to be able to control it. You can also control your game server when you are not in game by downloading RCON software.